Monday, September 13, 2010

Granada, Spain

We've been in Granada, Spain for three weeks, with two weeks remaining. Having our camera stollen delayed the photo-posting, but it's been replaced now so I'll try to catch up. I try to get a bit of painting time in each morning, inspired by the view of the sunrise on the Alhambra from our terrace, and then resort inside to air conditioning in the afternoons.

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  1. Hi Julie. Granada is my favorite place...the spanish castle magic is indescribable! Got to love the Gitanos and the cave homes, despite the pickpocketing too;) I love your recent's obvious you have spent time building and studying bonfires! I have been thinking a lot about how my stupid computer distracts me from learning to play my guitar and paint, and I really appreciate the theme. I also love the piece "Capture." I'm working on some artistic educational displays as an intern at CEDO in Rocky Point Mx. I hope to post some pics on a personal blog or website soon. Send some artists down here! Lot's of great opportunities....
    Take care, un abrazo!
    Ecotourism Intern, CEDO NaturArte